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About Sailpoint  Training :

 SailPoint is the fastest-growing, independent identity and access management (IAM) provider and helps the world’s largest organizations securely and effectively deliver and manage user access from any device to data and applications residing in the datacenter, on mobile devices, and in the cloud. The company’s innovative product portfolio offers customers an integrated set of core services including identity governance, provisioning, and access management delivered on-premises or from the cloud (IAM-as-a-service).

SailPoint Course Topics :

    1.    Identity IQ Preview 
    Identity IQ Business Purpose
    Identity IQ Overview
    Identity IQ Common Components
    Overview of an IdentityIQ Project
2.    Product Architecture – Installation – Deployment
    Understanding the Product Architecture
   Understanding the Installation Procedure for Identity IQ
3.    Identity cubes
    Identity Cube Overview
    Identity Mappings
   Aggregation of Data
4.    Application On-boarding, Correlation
   On-boarding Applications
    Account co-relation
   Application Configuration
    Logical and Multiplexed Applications
5.    Risks and Policies
   Identity IQ Policy Overview
    Policy Types
   Defining Policies
    Discovering and Handling Policy Violations
    Identity Risk Model
    Application Risk Model
    Refreshing and Interaction with Risk scores
6.    Certifications
    Certifications and Access Reviews
    Types of Certifications
    Certification Lifecycle
    Certification Configuration
    Making Certification Decisions
    Certification Decisions
7.    Roles
    Role Definition
    Role Management Benefits
    Role Model Overview
    Role Mining
    Role Management Pointers
8.    Troubleshooting, Debug, Console
    Factors in successful Troubleshooting and Debugging
    Logging, Options and Configuration
    Debug Page
    Best Practices
9.    Rules, Tasks, API
    Rules: What? Where? How?
    Tasks: What? Where? How?
    SailPoint API
10.    Reporting
    Reporting Architecture of SailPoint IIQ
    Defining Data Sources
    Report Column Configuration
    Query Configuration
11.    Lifecycle Manager
    Change Lifecycle
    Key feature and Considerations
    Access Request Process
    Addition Access and Identity Management Options
    LCM Configuration
    Additional LCM functionality
12.    Workflow
    What is a Workflow?
    Workflows in Identity IQ
    Key Workflow Concepts
    Workflow case, variables, steps and approvals
    Workflow Troubleshooting
13.    Provisioning Broker and Engine
    Provisioning Architecture
    Object Model involved in Provisioning
    Walkthrough of Provisioning Process
14.    Performance
    Performance Management Approach
    Tools and Resources
    Capacity Planning and Sizing
    Understanding IdentityIQ internals
    Common Pitfalls to avoid

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